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Catherine L.

Review from catherine

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Frank Adair for over 20 years.  He has always been compassionate & caring doctor.  He always gives me good advice & ideas on how to solve my problems and he always has a good sense of humor.”

Max B.

Testimonial from Max

“Sessions with Dr. Adair are always welcoming, substantial, and productive. It’s great to have a Dr., who also has REAL human conversations and doesn’t hesitate to inject humor when needed. I would 100% refer any close friends to Dr. Adair, if asked. 👍”

Raymond S.

Phychotherapist reviews

“Frank Adair is a very initiative doctor who reads into the issue at hand beyond what is spoken.  With this skill,  he helps patients understand what is going on in relationship to the patient. This helps the patient focus and address the bigger issues.  Frank has been simply wonderful at helping me out.”

Helen U.

Review of psychiatrist

“Dr. Adair is thorough, loving and kind and truly connects with me as his patient. Grateful I have him as an important support in my life!”

Chris P.

Psychiatrist review palo alto

“Frank is a top notch psychiatrist and has truly helped me manage my depression and anxiety. He's a great listener and is sincerely interested in his patients well being.”

Shawn B.

Frank Adair testimonial

“Frank Adair, MD is an excellent doctor and therapist. I highly recommend him for the candor, compassion, and humor he brings to his practice.”

Julie S.

Frank adair MD reviews

“Dr. Adair is always kind and helpful and goes above what is required to help get you out of dark places.  It is not untrue to say I owe him my life and happiness!”

Torre P.

Review Frank Adair

“I enjoyed the easy log in and access to his telemedicine session,  and always enjoy his charm,  wit,  humor,  and extensive knowledge of drugs , nutrition,  and overall health of individuals”

Patty S.

Review from Patty

" was easy to use especially the feature whereby two can talk at once without interruptions."

Kristina D.

Kristina Testimonial

“Listened to me and helped meet all my needs. Has continued to manage my medication and explains how they work to help keep me on track.”

Anthony N.


“Dr. Adair has changed my life (probably saved it). He has helped me manage my symptoms with caution, compassion and professionalism.”

Kimi W.

Reviews of psychiatrist

“Dr. Frank is extremely present in my wellness. I trust that he always has my best interest at heart and has played a pivotal role in my recovery. Highly recommended.”

Olga V.

Palo Alto psychiatrist review

"Wonderful. He is very attentive and knows what questions to ask. My favorite doctor yet!"

Martin B.

Psychotherapy review

"I have been seeing Dr. Adair for over 15 years. As usual, he is very engaging and compassionate. I always enjoy and learn from my visits."

Michael F.

Testimonial from customer

"Frank always offers great insight, perspective and hope."

Sue C.

Stress services review

"Dr. Adair is always professional, caring and helpful in ways that words can not adequately describe. I appreciate and value his support and care."

Cynthia K.

Ocd doctor review

"Dr. Adair handles my medication management. He is always professional, prompt in responding and has helped me to understand medications. He also has a great sense of humor which is appreciated. I would highly recommend Frank."

Kristina D.

functional medicine doctor review

"Listened to me and helped meet all my needs. Has continued to manage my medication and explains how they work to help keep me on track."

A B.

Review of Dr. Frank Adair MD

"Frank is open and welcoming, as a new patient I found there was almost no discontinuity switching to Frank's services. He is far more knowledgeable than other psychiatrists I have seen, and was able to quickly come up with a well rounded plan. Treatments and medications are not pushed, but instead discussed in an open way that allows patient feedback and concerns to be heard. All around a great guy, and someone I feel confident continuing with!"

C F.

Frank adair MD review of service

"Dr. Frank Adair helped me tremendously! I was worried about becoming dependent on medications, worried about side effects and even about the stigma of being on medication. He listened to all my concerns and explained everything in detail. We worked together to find out what was best for me. He never pushed any medications and had a wealth of knowledge. He is one of a kind!"

Gopika S.

Review for Frank Adair

"Very knowledgeable and kind."

R S.

Palo Alto stress relief help

"Dr. Adair has the depth of knowledge and empathy to see who you really are. His gift is the ability to allow your true self to emerge. He has inspired in me the ability to have faith in speaking my truths in the world. I have come into my own with him, gaining the ability through his insights and guidance to trust myself. That has changed my life and allowed me to move from despair and doubt into strength, trust, and joy."

Chris P.

Review of Frank Adair MD

"Frank is an amazing Psychiatrist who has really helped me. He spends a good amount of time getting to know you and the issues that brought you into his practice. He is experienced with medications and I have confidence in his decisions and he's helped make a big change in my life and wellbeing. I'd recommend him to any of my friends and family."

Jeff T.

Reviews and testomonials

"Frank is a wonderful Doctor Who helped me through a very difficult time and continues to do so. His approach is very professional but yet has a great sense of humor which I find so important. The world would be a better place if there are more doctors who took this much care for their patients and their well-being."

M W.

Review from client

"Dr. Adair is a very gifted analyst. He was a game changer for me. I highly recommend him as a therapist."

Torre P.

Life coach therapist review

"Great therapist who has helped me with my issues, and auth rx and great communicator and great environment. Would recommend."

Michael S.

Palo Alto therapist review

"I have been seeing Dr. Frank Adair periodically now for over 10 years. Among many things, what I value most about Dr. Adair is his sincere unwavering commitment and honest caring approach to my well being. He listens actively and offers his extensive medical and personal expertise to positively address whatever issues I may be dealing with in the moment. Dr. Adair provides a relaxed and unintimidating environment; consistently on time with appts and promptly returns calls/messages outside the office. He is always very candid and direct with his feedback and medical recommendations; providing full explanation and advise which I very much appreciate. You will find Dr. Adair to be very personable and caring, offering sound medical advice/solutions that fit your individual needs... highly recommended!"

Jazmin B.

Review from Jasmin

"Five star treatment. I recommend him to family and friends."

Chandler R.

Psychotherapy palo alto review

"Frank has been a important part of improving my mental heath and self confidence journey for the last 5 years and together we have worked out plan that keeps me in a place of growth, life, and love. He does an amazing job at treating me with a combination of humor, science, his extensive knowledge, supplements, service animal compassion, etc. The best thing I ever did was reach out to Frank."

Helena P.

Therapist san francisco review

"Dr. Adair is Fabulous! He absolutely cares for his patients and it shows. He listens to his patients and always tries to find the best treatment plan possible. I wouldn't think of seeing any one else."

Mark K.

Review of Frank Adair

"Dr. Adair is a well deserving psychiatrist that is able to treat his patients in a manner that is realistic and without false promises."

M C.

Best therapist review

"Frank is thoughtful, observant, and engaging; I would recommend Frank for anyone who prefers a more interactive type of therapy."

Lisa M.

Review for therapist near palo alto

"I’ve gone to many Dr.’s in the past, but never felt a connection until I started therapy with Dr. Adair. I have been going to Dr. Adair for many years, and even followed him to Palo Alto from San Jose when he moved his practice. I feel so comfortable with him. He truly cares about his patients! He is very compassionate and I feel so comfortable with him during my sessions. He truly cares, and I thank him very much! Also, he has a very nice and peaceful office! Very calming!"

Shawn B.

Review from Shawn

Dr. Adair provides exceptional analysis and therapeutic care whenever I have a session. I always leave with a better understanding of myself, and provided with helpful recommendations and tools to help me through difficult life challenges.

T C.

Review for therapy services

"I’ve been working with Frank off and on for years. He’s exceptionally insightful and cares deeply about his patients. With his help I’ve made large strides toward dealing with past trauma and viewing the resulting personal impact as strength rather than weakness."

Anthony N.

therapy review

"Dr. Adair has changed my life (probably saved it). He has helped me manage my symptoms with caution, compassion and professionalism. His medical background has been particularly helpful in navigating my treatment regimen. I plan to continue treatment with Dr Adair for the foreseeable future."

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